Ice bucket challenge something like


Popular Science magazine, October 1920
Cover art by Norman Rockwell

(From Perpetual motion - Wikipedia)


Popular Science
1968 Vol. 192, No. 6


Popular Science

1968 Vol. 192, No. 6


Marilyn Monroe, 1953

The magazine Popular Science ran an ad in its August 1953 edition for life-size Marilyn Monroe pin-up posters. The ad was sandwiched between offers for “Bargain Carbine-style .22 Rifles,” “Build Your Own Jet Engine,” “Make Gems from Rocks,” and a “Famous Super Sniffer for Uranium Prospecting,” and called the Marilyn posters “The Best Gag Gift Ever.”   For only two dollars, a man with a “den, bar, or playroom” could own this image of the bikini clad Marilyn.

1. Islam

2. Son

3. Brother

4. Husband

5. Scientist

6. Malaysian

7. Gamer

8. Photographer


10. Film Lover

11. Music Lover

12. Book Lover

13. Cook

Theres this joke i like that goes:

"Nobody’s an atheist 10 seconds before an orgasm"

Hahaha funny and true

My friend at work who is a self professed atheist was moaning “oh gawd!” A lot earlier this week. He was swamped with work and he was feeling it. Soon the irony caught up with him and he said “At times like these i wish i had a God. Then I’d have some one to blame or someone to turn to at times like these”.

That was funny to me. I’m pretty much the only religious one (in terms of having faith in a religion) in the office. But ive never felt the need to blame God for anything. And i wonder if thats what he thinks ppl who have religion do and think.

Then there was a discussion on how people invented religion because they needed something to project to and believe in to keep them safe back in the days. Nothing i haven’t heard before to be honest.

Im not one to preach anything at all to anyone. But its sad to me that people think of religion like that. It’s sad how it’s something inherently good but because of how humans have used it.. It now has a bad rep and anyone religious now is seen as a relic from a forgotten age.

London is a pretty godless place imo. Which is ironic considering how many grand churches and cathedrals there are here and the national anthem featuring “God save the Queen”. You dont feel anything spiritual anywhere at all. A lot of ppl here claim science as the answer to everything and for many that means that religion is no longer relevant. Thats fine too, if you really feel that way. Life is different for everyone and sometimes religion doesnt suit everyone’s way of or path through life.

What i can’t stand is people who look down on ppl who do believe in religion. Dont they realise that by actively criticising religious people they are just as bad as the fanatics they mock.